What We Do

Wadkins & Wallace is a full-service litigation and bankruptcy firm specializing in taking criminal and civil cases to trial.

Business Law

Protect your business when it counts most. Our experienced legal team will use the full extent of the law, with your best outcomes in mind.


Don't stress over a potential bankruptcy process. Our skilled lawyers will walk with you through every step of the way to make it as smooth as possible.

Criminal Defense

We're well-versed in all areas of criminal defense. Enlist our help and gain access to a highly trained criminal defense team in Columbus, GA.


Pursue your case of wrongful injury or death with the help of our professional legal team. Fight for what you deserve with the help of Wadkins and Wallace.


Going to trial? Don't fret -- our professional legal team has decades of trial experience, leaving you prepped with a confident team on your side.

Appellate Practice

Lean into the appellate process with Wadkins and Wallace. Let us help you get a fair shot, backed by a skilled legal team at your disposal.

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