Fantasy Loss = Sentencing to Waffle House Punishment?

fantasy football player losing and having waffle house punishment because he did not enlist the help of Columbus, GA attorneys

If you have ever been part of a losing team, you may sympathize with this story. Lee Sanderlin, a Mississippi resident and Fantasy Football League player, was victim to a crafty punishment that his Fantasy Football opposers decided. After a sad defeat in the football rankings, Sanderlin was subject to spending 24 hours in his local Waffle House. However, he was given the option to shave off one hour of punishment per waffle eaten. Sanderlin’s story went viral after his hilarious account of the punishment. Do you think this was an appropriate punishment? How does Sanderlin’s story align with fair Georgia sentencing?

Sanderlin's Punishment - Hour By Hour

Sanderlin used Twitter to update the world on his waffle count and actions during his time in Waffle House. Let’s see what he did while serving his “24” hours.

Hour 1:

The Fantasy Football League loser began serving his time at 4:07 PM. To get a head start on shaving his time off, Sanderlin ate two waffles during the first hour. 

Hour 2:

During the next hour, he indulged with two more waffles, by which time he claimed to be “dead on the inside”.

Hour 3:

Hour three began, and Sanderlin struggled to eat his fifth waffle. At the end of this hour, a quarter of the waffle was still yet to be consumed. 

Hour 10:

By hour ten, Sanderlin had only fully eaten six waffles. This left him with eight more hours until his departure. 

Hour 15:

At 7:06 AM, fifteen hours after his arrival, Sanderlin had eaten nine waffles, allowing for him to leave early with a stomachache and regret. 

Sanderlin's Sentencing vs. Fair Georgia Sentencing

While Sanderlin may have been given an unfair sentence for his actions, you don’t have to deal with an unreasonable punishment like he did. Get help from a lawyer that knows how to get you the best possible sentence. 

Under the law, a punishment is supposed to fit the crime. In most cases, the person who has been convicted has a set range of punishments that can be applied, be that a prison sentence, fine, or probationary period. In specific circumstances, it may be possible to find a way to mitigate a sentence or reduce a sentence that has been assigned.

What Was the Exact Sentence that Sanderlin Was Given?

Sanderlin was sentenced to serve 24 hours in the Waffle House, whether by actual hours served or by eating waffles in lieu of an hour. In addition to serving time, he had to buy each waffle and give a tip to the workers. (This punishment description ignores the side effects of over-indulging in waffles- a feeling that Sanderlin became familiar with).

Each waffle was $3.05, so with nine waffles + a 20% tip, he would have paid $32.94. The exact tip amount is unknown, but Sanderlin posted to Twitter saying that he did tip. The average tip percentage is from fifteen to twenty percent, so it would be safe to assume that he paid $32.94 or more (considering he was there for fifteen hours). 

The Georgia Sentencing Equivalent to this Waffle House Punishment

Sanderlin’s punishment seems extreme- especially because some crimes may result in a 24 hour community service requirement- a lot like the 24 hours that he had to spend in Waffle House. If you are a first-time offender facing a misdemeanor charge, you may receive a sentence to serve 24 hours of community service or an even less severe punishment than that! Misdemeanor charges are often met with requirements of restitution, community service, or fines. Sanderlin was essentially subject to two of these requirements. 

Just like Sanderlin opted to eat waffles in lieu of spending another hour in the restaurant, there are many different decisions to be made when it comes which punishments will be allotted in the justice system. For example, a drug charge may be met with drug treatment requirements instead of jail time. There are many different types of cases that allow for completion of a program to fulfill sentencing requirements. There are also cases that end up with house arrest sentences. All of these punishments are used as alternatives to jail time- much like Sanderlin eating a waffle instead of spending another hour in Waffle House.

How Can You Get a Better Sentence?

Don’t be like Sanderlin. Enlist the help of a lawyer that knows how to get you a better sentence. Wadkins & Wallace can do that for you. We may be able to reduce your sentencing; read below to find out how.

Georgia Sentencing and Sentence Reduction

It should be said that not every conviction is eligible for a sentence reduction. However there are a handful of situations that could lead to a reduced sentence if approached correctly:

• If the State’s mandate for sentencing that particular crime has lessened since the sentence was assigned, it may be possible to get the sentence reduced under the newly established guidelines. 

• If it is a sentence that significantly limits life after prison, like the probation limitations for lesser sexual crimes, it may be possible to reduce some of those limitations after the prison time has been served.

• If a long sentence has been mostly served, and the defendant is over 70 years old, they may obtain an earlier release from prison, as they are no longer a “threat” to society.


These are a few of the more common examples, but there are several other reasons for a sentence reduction.


Get a Fair Sentence

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