Sentence Mitigation in Georgia

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Sentence Mitigation

Sentencing is the part of the legal process that most people fear. If a defendant is convicted of a crime, they will face some sort of punishment, be it prison time, probation, community service, or a fine. When possible, it is always better to get a lesser sentence to avoid unnecessary punishment.

How Can I Mitigate My Sentence?

In many cases, being proactive is the key to avoiding a more serious sentence. Plea bargains are an excellent resource for people who are in danger of a conviction. A plea bargain saves the State from a lengthy trial, and in recognition of this a plea bargain will often carry a very favorable sentence for the defendant when compared to what they would face if convicted after a full trial.

Beyond plea bargains, things like voluntary community service can make the judge look favorably on the defendant. For DUIs, we often recommend that our clients go to a defensive driving school without being ordered to do it by the courts. Actions like these can demonstrate reform and contrition, and can lead to a significantly better sentence.

Help Inside and Outside the Courtroom

Good legal help extends beyond the courtroom. At Wadkins & Wallace, we serve our clients holistically. At times, this means recommending actions like those stated above to reduce the sentencing. If you are facing criminal charges, you cannot afford to choose an unprofessional or ineffectual legal team. 

At Wadkins & Wallace, we are here to help; contact us today to begin your journey toward a better defense.