Sentence Reduction in Georgia

books are stacked and sitting next to a gavel as the judge gets ready to implement sentence reduction in georgia

Under the law, a punishment is supposed to fit the crime. In most cases, the person who has been convicted has a set range of punishments that can be applied, be that a prison sentence, fine, or probationary period. In specific circumstances, it may be possible to find a way to reduce a sentence that has been assigned.

Reducing Sentences

It should be said that not every conviction is eligible for a sentence reduction. However there are a handful of situations that could lead to a reduced sentence if approached correctly.

  • If the State’s mandate for sentencing that particular crime has lessened since the sentence was assigned, it may be possible to get the sentence reduced under the newly established guidelines.
  • If it is a sentence that significantly limits life after prison, like the probation limitations for lesser sexual crimes, it may be possible to reduce some of those limitations after the prison time has been served.
  • If a long sentence has been mostly served, and the defendant is over 70 years old, they may obtain an earlier release from prison, as they are no longer a “threat” to society.

These are a few of the more common examples, but there are several other reasons for a sentence reduction.

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