Probation in Columbus, Georgia

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Probation in Georgia can be a way to avoid jail time. This is beneficial for both the defendant and the prison system. The defendant avoids spending time in jail, and the prison and legal system save the cost of jailing someone.

It can also serve as a period of monitoring after a prison sentence is completed. A probationer will be required to meet with a probation officer or PO to ensure the requirements of probation are being met.

What Are the Requirements of Probation in Georgia?

If a sentence includes probation instead of serving jail time or after being released from jail, there are quite a number of restrictions and requirements that must be met. These include, among others:

  • Avoiding negative habits like drinking and driving
  • Avoiding dangerous people and places
  • Meeting with a PO regularly
  • Keeping a job
  • Paying all fines and fees associated with the sentence
  • Not breaking any laws
  • Taking drug and alcohol screenings if directed
  • Attending any rehabilitation programs that might be part of the probation

Additional Requirements

The punishments and probationary periods for some offenses may require additional conditions be met. If the defendant has been found guilty of crimes against a minor or any kind of sexual assault charges, the following requirements may be part of the probationary sentence:

  • Avoiding the victim at all times
  • Avoiding places like churches, schools, or daycares
  • Submitting to the monitoring of internet use, email, and phone and text communications
  • Allowing inspections of devices and computers

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