Muscogee County Superior Court

gavel sitting on table that represents the Muscogee County Superior Court

Superior courts have original jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases. This includes all felony cases, divorce or child custody cases, and even hearing appeals from lower courts. Each county has its own Superior Court, with Muscogee County falling within the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit.

Georgia’s Superior Courts

Georgia is comprised of ten judicial districts with 49 judicial circuits. Judicial districts help to segment the state for government administrative purposes, while judicial circuits help to connect trial courts with a Supreme Court that has final jurisdiction.

The Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit falls within the third district in Georgia (along with the Houston, Macon, and Southwestern circuits) and includes courts from Muscogee, Chattahoochee, Harris, Marion, Talbot, and Taylor counties. The Muscogee County Superior Court is presided over by six judges, elected by voters within this judicial circuit.

What cases does the Superior Court handle?

The Muscogee County Superior Court presides over criminal and civil cases, felony convictions, and appeals of the lower courts.

  • Criminal cases – When a person or corporation is suspected of committing a crime.
  • Civil cases – When one party files a complaint against another party.
  • Felonies – The most serious crimes—divided into first, second, and third-degree punishments—including murder, burglary, and armed robbery.
  • Lower Court Appeals – When a notice of appeal is filed that a case is handled by a higher court.

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