Columbus, Georgia Criminal Appeals Lawyer

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After being found guilty of a crime, you still have the opportunity to protect your freedom and change your future. A conviction is not the end of your story. You can appeal your conviction in court, even if you are already serving your jail sentence.

How do appeals work?

The appeals process is complex. Working with an experienced lawyer to guide your case through the appeals process is critical. Your lawyer must review all evidence, testimony, and motions from your original trial and make an argument that mistakes were made and you received an unfair trial. Alternately, your lawyer could prove that new evidence exists proving your innocence that was not brought forward in the original trial.

After your conviction, you have some time to request an appeal – up to one year and 90 days. Once you file an appeal, a new judge and jury will hear your case in a court of appeals.

How do I request an appeal of my case?

Making a successful appeal requires a thorough understanding of the law and judicial process. Hiring an experienced appeals lawyer, one who knows how to find mistakes in previous jury trials, is critical. Your lawyer will review your case and advise you on the best strategy for a successful appeal.

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