Heroin Law in Georgia

poppy field that could be implicated in heroin offenses

Heroin use is on the rise in Georgia. Unfortunately, the number of deaths related to heroin has spiked in the last decade, as well as criminal activity related to the drug. Since heroin is a highly addictive narcotic, legislation in Georgia is designed to dissuade residents from getting involved with it with no-nonsense repercussions. Heroin offenses may carry a heavy sentence, so you need the right attorney on your side.

Each state has a different approach to narcotics. Here are the basics of the most common heroin charges in Georgia.


If you are found with less than four grams of heroin, you can be charged with possession. This is a felony in Georgia. Penalties include:

  • First offense: two to 15 years in prison, fines
  • Second offense: five to 30 years in prison, fines


If you are found with more than four grams of heroin or if you imported, exported, or moved more than four ounces of the drug, you can be charged with trafficking, which is a felony. Penalties are dependent upon the amount of heroin involved in your case. For example:

  • Four to 14 grams: five years in prison, $50,000 fine
  • Up to 28 grams: 10 years in prison, $100,000 fine
  • Over 28 grams: minimum of 25 years in prison, $500,000 fine


You can be charged with selling heroin if you exchange any amount of the drug for money. Selling is a felony offense that is punishable by substantial time behind bars.

  • First offense: five to 30 years in prison
  • Second offense: a possible life sentence


Children under 18 who are charged with heroin offenses or heroin- related offenses may be tried in juvenile court. However, because heroin is a narcotic, a minor may be charged as an adult.

I Have Been Charged with Heroin Offenses. What should I do?

Regardless of the specifics of your case, if you or a loved one are facing charges relating to heroin you need to speak with an experienced defense attorney immediately.

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