Possession of Firearm by Felon Columbus, Georgia

Possession of Firearm By Convicted Felon

Georgia takes felony gun charges seriously. The potential punishments could mean years in jail and significant fines, but just because you’ve been charged doesn’t mean you will be convicted. Start fighting back armed with the knowledge and experience of a qualified lawyer, and there’s a potential to have your charges reduced or dismissed.

How Are Firearms Defined in Georgia?

In Georgia, a “firearm” means any weapon like a shotgun, rifle, handgun, or homemade gun that uses a mechanical or electric charge to fire a projectile. Convicted felons are not legally allowed to possess firearms in Georgia. Title 16, Section 16-11-131 of the Georgia code states that any felony first-offenders on probation or any convicted felons cannot possess, receive, or transport a firearm. The charge for possessing a firearm as a felon is considered another felony.

What Is the Punishment for Possession Of Firearms By Convicted Felons?

The potential sentence for a felon possessing a firearm is a maximum of five years in prison. If you’ve been convicted of a “forcible felony,” the sentence is five years. A “forcible felony” is a crime that involved violence or the threat of violence.

Will My Probation be Revoked?

Yes. If you are a felon caught with a firearm while on probation, your probation will be revoked, and you will return to prison to complete your sentence.

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