Armed Robbery in Georgia

police car arriving at the scene of an armed robbery where Wadkins & Wallace, armed robbery lawyers in Columbus, GA can help

Robbery by Intimidation

If you are charged with armed robbery, you may also be facing charges of the lesser offense of robbery by intimidation. This occurs when you use threats, fear or intimidation in the process of taking another person’s property. For example, telling the victim that you will use a weapon in your possession against him if he does not give you what you want. 


Because armed robbery is a felony, the penalties for conviction are very serious, even for a first offense: 


• First offense: 10 to 20 years in prison

• Second offense: life in prison with no possibility of parole. It is important to note that this will be imposed if you are convicted of armed robbery and have any prior felony convictions on your record. 


Once convicted, you must serve the entirety of your sentence, as the law does not allow for suspended sentences or parole.

Assisting in an Armed Robbery

Armed robbery accomplices can also face serious penalties, including up to 10 years in prison. Under Georgia law, an accomplice is anyone who actively assisted with the robbery in any way. This could include driving the getaway vehicle or even serving as a “lookout” while the robbery took place. 

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